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Bronze Birch Borer

"The birch borer is a tree killer"-USDA

"Birch trees loosing ground"-The Oregonian

About the Bronze Birch Borer

The Bronze Birch Borer currently infects 1 in 10 trees in the Pacific NW

​Adults emerge from previously infested trees between early May and early June. Adults in any one location may emerge over a 5- to 6-week period. Adult beetles live about 3 weeks. Therefore, adults may be found on trees during most of the summer.


Each female can lay as many as 75 eggs during her lifetime. 



Larvae begin to hatch in about 2 weeks and immediately begin to mine into the phloem and cambium. 

Phloem and cambium are what the tree uses to transport water and nutrients. When enough of phloem and cambium are gone the tree begins to "suffocate" 

Our resources and more information at:

How to Grow and Maintain a Healthy Birch Tree

(See step 3 for: Maintaining your Tree)

Birch Trees Loosing Ground -The Oregonian

Forest Insect & Disease Leaflet 111

The Damage


Damage will start to show at the top of the tree with loss of leaves and work its way down as more damage occurs

Class 1 trees are healthy. Class 2 trees are in the early stages of birch borer infestation. Class 3 and class 4 trees have more advanced stages of borer infestation. Trees in class 5 are very close to dying.

Trees in classes 2 and 3 may be treated for birch borer with some success. Trees in classes 4 and 5 are generally beyond recovery.


Treatment and Prevention

Lind Enterprises treats birch trees to control and prevent the Bronze Birch Borer, Aphids drippings and Birch Leafminer.


Cost starting at: Service charge of $30 plus $2.50 per diameter inch of trees on property


Please contact us to get a bid to save your trees!

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