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Using a Water Bore

The first line of defense for a healthy birch tree is WATER. Most of the roots are in the top 18 inches.
If you can't get a soil probe down 2" neither can your water.

Picture L: Displaying the soil probe and water bore.


Picture R: Steve put all of his body weight on the probe and could not get it more than 1 inch down.

Picture: Steve showing how the water bore shoots across the lawn from just a regular water spout.


Picture L: Water bore easily makes its way into ground to get water under the surface.


Picture R: Soil probe sinks all the way to handle after just 4 injections.


After deep root watering it is important to maintain water retension.

One of the best ways to do this is use a slow release soaker hose around the tree.

This watering can be done on your own with a water bore. $20 from Lind Enterprises


Watering and fertalizing of your birch tree can be done by Lind Enterprises

 - Average single tree cost of $57.50 or less

 - Cost breakdown: $30 setup fee plus $40 per half hour


Contact Us for more details or with any questions

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